Sunday, June 25

holy hotness

I am in the Springs of Palm (aka Palm Springs) today...
On the drive out here I saw the outside temperature gauge get up to 111 Fahrenheit
(43.8C for most of the world, who use the dominant decimal system)

As we cruised out for dinner at 7pm the mercury dipped to a soothing 109F... oh so soothing.

As I walked out of the cinema (after seeing Nacho Libre) and jumped in the car at 11:30pm, things had really frozen up here and
the car temp gauge went down to 106F

Thank the Lord for Air Conditioning

Friday, June 23

the powers that be

I just now finished a project for the Purpose Driven Worship Conference, creating a fun daily news for each day of the conference... I did this for another conference back in May and tried to give Bob Sahlin celebrity status. It worked.
My next target was Steve Powers in the audio dept and we created a newspaper section called POWERS THAT BE: Q&A with AV Superhero Steve Powers.
For all you in the blogosphere, here is an excerpt...
Question: Where can I find the best audio/visual system on the Saddleback Campus?
Answer: Believe it or not, but the best sound system is actually found in my 1975 AMC Gremlin which is parked in the staff parking lot! My wife and I have spent our life savings on it and we’ve yet to regret the decision. Sure our European Vacation would have been fun for a month, but this thing will last us a lifetime! I love listening to STYX and ENYA as I cruise up and down PCH on a sunny afternoon. (written by Jason Pogue)

Thursday, June 22

usa are welcome on the bandwagon

To all those 137 American soccer fans who were disappointed today over losing to Ghana, there is a new form of public transport for you... the ABW (Australian Band Wagon).

All aboard!

Next stop: Italy

Tuesday, June 20

fathers day: manhood regained?

Sunday was Fathers Day in the USA. This officially ended my nearly 2 year hiatus as a man without a barbecue, as I did receive a brand-spanking new one as a Fathers Day present.

In America, never have I seen such a measure of a man, since Clay Aiken's debut album, as what the barbecue represents, and I was afraid to be put in such category as the guy with the grill.

But, after putting some London Broil on the BBQ and smelling that sweet arome of red meat cooking, I am glad that the hiatus is officially over. Some would say I am a man again, but I would say that I am already a man, but now I am just a man with more cooking responsibilities.

Saturday, June 17

the 951/949 hybrid

This evening my family and I were in the lovely Riverside County with friends and we visited a new shopping area called Victoria Gardens... the Irvine Spectrum of the Inland Empire. So how would these people of the 951 dress when they came to such a nice place? Well, I came accross one man who was the perfect hybrid.

He could have resembled an oder Kip Dynamite and he was wearing a wife-beater.
However, his wife-beater was:
1) black
2) tucked in to his jean-shorts

He was the quintessential 951/949 hybrid.

support our coops

For the uninformed, I am heading off to Kenya in August to do a special project that I have affectionately called "Kitale Chicken Coop". I have more information on exactly what we are doing at
Send me an email if you have any questions!

Friday, June 16

chemical squared

Last night (Thursday night), I headed to a local dive to see my friend and co-laborer in Sarti Design rock the kazbah with his band Chemical Chemical. Better know in Eastern Europe as Chemical Squared, they played a solid set in the rough confines of the Gypsy Lounge.

In between songs I think I managed to drum up some business, as a person wanted me to set up a website with an online store that sells a wide variety herbal teas. I can't make this up, I don't have that kind of creativity.

a life saved, a pair of shoes wet

Today as I opened up the door to the community pool, I opened up a new world to Josh Griffin. As his children pitter-pattered towards the edge of the pool, sans floaties, Josh so nimbly caroused the corner and leapt into the pool. the children are alright, but Josh's sneakers may never be the same.

He had a hint of Hasselhoff, coupled with a Kenyan marathon runners' love for shoes.

Needless to say, he will be ribbed for wearing shoes every time we talk about going to the pool.

Thursday, June 8

My first post

This is the first of many amazing literary phenomenom's to be located on this blog.