Sunday, January 28

the watering hole

My brother-in-law put me onto this live webcam, that is at a watering hole somewhere in Africa. I didn't think much of it the first few times I check in with it (it is 9hrs ahead of California time), but last Thursday night I did see a giraffe at the watering hole. Just the sound of the birds during the day or insects at night is worth it to leave it open and running on your computer for a while.
Here is the link:

Friday, January 26

my wife, the organizer

Jana thought she would organize the "random" photo board of friends and family that we have... instead of just random pins and photos, she structured photos by family group, and put all photos inside a 6x9 envelope, except the most recent, which she attached to the front of the envelope!
I think this is how Russell Crowe sorted his Christmas Cards in the movie "A Beautiful Mind".

Wednesday, January 24

i am now an iStock Photo Contributor!

After a tough screening process, I ma now officially a contirbutor to, which means I ma now selling some of my photography work at one fo the world's largest stock photography sources! I am slowly building my portfolio and waiting patiently as they accept or decline my new submissions. You can view my current available portfolio at

Tuesday, January 23

i love the Vans store

I love the Vans store.
Not because of their sweet sweet shoes
Not because of their semi-sweet clothes
I love the Vans store, because when I went in there last night (with Bella) the were playing "November Rain" by Guns N Roses
It was epic, I nearly stayed in the store for all 8 minutes and 53 seconds of this musical treat for my ears, until Bella ran out of the store headed for the escalator, right at the part when Slash rips a sweet solo (cue mental image of Slash outside a small rural church).
I loved that Vans store moment.

Sunday, January 21

excerpts from a conversation

Was at a party this afternoon... here was a question I got asked...
"Where did you find the Lord? Australia or America?"
Leigh's Comments Thought In His Head: OK, the Lord found me, and does it really matter in which country?!
Another Pause
After a quick answer he said, "Praise the Lord"

End of Conversation (I was all of a suden very concerned aboutt he whereabouts of my child 10ft away)

Monday, January 15

from the iPhoto archive

This is one of my greatest ever shots... consider the timing, the poetry, the odds of that man standing in that place, with that hair, that expression, and those oversized buttons! This shot WAS NOT set-up.
Location: Wall Street, New York, 2002

Tuesday, January 9

even more cinnamon

I didn't think it could happen, but we stubled upon an even bigger cinnamon roll.
It was located at the lovely Maltby's Cafe, out in the sticks past Woodinville, and a highly recommended breakfast spot.
There is no special angle on the camera shot, that cinnamon roll is as big as my daughters' head, and it took four fully grown humans to take that thing down. Then, there wasn't any room for the rest of my breakfast!

Saturday, January 6

speechless in seattle

Just got back from a sweet sweet football game.
Qwest Field is the loudest in the league, it was unbelievable.
We had sweet seats only 20 rows up right by the ndzone and the Seahawks tunnel.
The game was unbelievable with the Seahawks winning by one after a weird safety and botched field goal.
I have a couple of pics below...

the sweetest rental car

National Car Rental - Seattle Airport
We picked full-size and instead of them allocating a car to you, you go down the lot and pick anything from the "full-size section". We had an option of about 10 different cars, and we went with the ugliest of them all - the Chevy HRR. And yes, it's purple. We call it Purple Rain.

cinnamon in seattle

Well, it's Day 3 of our little family trip up to Seattle and the sun is shining this morning! Much better than the windy rainy cold conditions of the last couple of days. The weather doesn't really matter though, as we are having a sweet time.
Just this morning we went and ate the world's largest cinnamon roll. It was tasty, and now I feel sick. Here are some pictures below...
This afternoon I am of to the Seahawks vs Cowboys NFL Playoff game. I am excited, but scared of the freezing cold temperatures of the stadium. I'll let you know how it goes.