Monday, February 26

another day in whacky Myanmar

Read this article this morning aboutt he gas "shortage" in Myanmar. Managament isn't really too great there, or is it?!

Thursday, February 22

Blades of Glory

Please be a good movie, please be a good movie...
Jon Heder + Will Ferrell should = comedic perfection (as long as there is a Vince Vaughn cameo)
Opens March 30th

Thursday, February 15

the hottest club in the OC

For those star-crossed lovers of stars, Orange County has an astronomers club... How do I know? Because I saw this sweet sticker on a car when I was driving today.

the greatest steakhouse in Indy

It's called St Elmo steakhouse, it's been open since 1902.
Peyton Manning eats there every week, I have only eaten there once.
I had a 10oz Filet Mignon, it was unbelievable.
The only thing better than the filet was a fun time with Katie E., Megan H., Matt H., and Kurt J.

images from Indy

Some more shots from around and about in cold cold Indianapolis... including inside the RCA dome, some great signage, a freezing Matt Hall

the life of a pen

Just today I picked up a pen on my desk... It read NC State Housing on the side, and I thought, how did this pen make it all the way from North Carolina, to California, to my house, and all the way to the third story of our house, and end up on my desk. I have no idea how it got here!
When we all meet our Maker one day, many will ask about the meaning of life, missing family members, and so forth, but I think I want to find out more from God about the life of company branded plastic pens.
Questions may consist of:
What is the average distance a pen travels in a lifetime?
What is the most popular final resting place for a pen? Under the Couch? Underneath the car seat?
What percentage of pens actually have all their ink used up?
Does anyone actually see a pen, look at a website written on the side, and then go and check out the website on their computer?

If you would like to ask any more questions about the life of a plastic pen, please comment and let me know your thoughts!

Sunday, February 11

indiana pacers - the game

On Friday night I went to a Pacers vs Nuggets game. Had great seats, 12 row back and you could see and hear all the action...
while neither teams shot well, the game really heated up with 5 technical fouls by the Pacers and two ejections in the second half. Still freezing it up in Indiana, more blogs to come!