Wednesday, May 30

last night I saw...

someone cruising around Von's listening to a Walkman. A real, live, tape-playing walkman. It was the highlight of my day (behind Bella's prayer).

What tape do you think this listener was rocking out to? Here are three options that would have been awesome:
1) Poison
2) Bell Biv Devo
3) David Hasselhoff


why i love my kids.

It's not just because they're so cute... here is a great example...
Bella goes to pray the other day and here is how her prayer goes:
"Jezuz, please give Mommy a baby girl so I can share my clothes with her.
And, then brng Mommy a baby boy so Leighton can share his clothes with him.
Amen, with all your heart."

Need I say more?!

Tuesday, May 22

an interesting photo

This photo was taken in Istanbul, Turkey on the official Tour De Turkey trip.
I think the guy on the right is advertising his taxi service.
Question: What do you think is more scary, the consequences of the skull warning sign, or, getting in a taxi with that guy?!

music recommendation of the month

Not often do I recommend music, but I need to tell the world about my favorite new artist...
She is a young Australian singer/songwriter by the name of Missy Higgins.
I'll be the first to admit that female vocalists don't dominate my iTunes library, but I think her music is awesome.
Her debut album is available on iTunes, and her new release just came out in Australia and I am sure will be up on iTunes very soon.
Have a listen, let me know what you think!

discovery channel is nothing...

discovery channel is nothing...compared to what we got to see at a playground in Australia!
While this may look like one extremely long caterpillar, it is in fact a caterpillar-convoy.
Who knew caterpillars traveled in such a manner?
To test the loyalty the caterpillars had to the convoy format we conducted a lot of experiments which included using a leaf to block various members of the convoy, to see if the front end would react. They are indeed a tight-knit group with the mantra "no caterpillar left behind".
It was a great half an hour, and you won't catch this kind of riveting stuff on the Planet Earth series.

Monday, May 21

Peyton Manning is Australian?!

Well, this is an old picture of a rugby player from the 1920's named E.S. Brown, but I swear he could be SuperBowl Quarterback Peyton Manning...
Interesting story about ES Brown. You can read more at,23599,21771302-2,00.html

highlights of the dentist

While "dentist" and highlights" may say pradoxical when mentioned in the same sentence, I choose to disagree.
Now, having someone pick at your teeth with a metal object while rubbing against other teeth with a rubber glove doesn't sound like good times, read these song choices below from the soft-rock station streaming into the dental office:

Boyz II Men: On Bended Knee
Lionel Ritchie: Say You, Say M

And my personal favorite:
"How Do You Talk to an Angel?" from the soundtrack of that ill-fated TV show "The Heights".
Now that's a highlight.

Saturday, May 19

we are back!

Well, we got back almost two weeks ago, but now we are back (blog-speaking)!
Still have some more pictures to share as well as some thoughts on the subtle differences between Australia and America. Should be gold.
Below is three generations of Sarti. Also gold.