Thursday, June 14

Sizzler: Steak, Seafood, Awesome

We were greeted by the "distressed" signage, oversize wooden door, and floor tiles that could tell many a story of days gone by. We were at Sizzler. The annual Friends Sizzler Night. The reason we do it once a year... because it takes our stomachs that long to recover.
There was shrimp, there was malibu chicken, there was more shrimp, there were kids running around, there was a great waiter, there were lots of old people, there was even more shrimp, there was a mess left on, under, and around the table.
And finally, there was a reservation made for next year.


Blogger Julie Hibbard said...

I worked at that Sizzler in 1980. I lasted TWO days...It was not exactly what I was looking for, especially having to wear the brown polyester pants suit.
My next job was Coco's a few months later. And I stayed THERE for 15 years.
The place has not changed a bit.

9:45 AM  

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