Friday, June 16

a life saved, a pair of shoes wet

Today as I opened up the door to the community pool, I opened up a new world to Josh Griffin. As his children pitter-pattered towards the edge of the pool, sans floaties, Josh so nimbly caroused the corner and leapt into the pool. the children are alright, but Josh's sneakers may never be the same.

He had a hint of Hasselhoff, coupled with a Kenyan marathon runners' love for shoes.

Needless to say, he will be ribbed for wearing shoes every time we talk about going to the pool.


Blogger Kurt Johnston said...

Dude...just comparing Griffin to Hasselhoff made my day!

8:39 AM  
Blogger Kurt Johnston said...

On my way into work I thought, "hey, if Josh would have been wearing a pair of those sweet Crocs, he wouldn't have had to worry about his shoes."

9:06 AM  

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