Monday, November 27

i love thanksgiving

Since coming to this great land many years ago (7 and a bit), no cultural experience really stacks up to the Thanksgiving Feast.
I love turkey, I love stuffing, I love sweet potato, I love gravy, I love mashed potatoes.
More than any of this though, I love mixing them all together, then going to town on it and not talking to anyone while partaking this blended feast.
We had Thanksgiving at our house on Thursday
We had second Thanksgiving with leftovers at our house on Friday
We had third Thanksgiving with leftover leftovers at our house on Sunday
We ran out of sweet potato, so I picked up some at Claim Jumper before the meal, both o nFriday and Sunday

I am thankful.

Friday, November 17

this week in leighview

leighview means review... sorry I just love morphing words together... it's been a busy one (week), so let me just give you some of the highlights...

-finished a couple of big projects at work which I am really proud of... I may post them on here in the next couple of weeks
-submitted some of my pictures to to begin selling some of my photographs as stock photography
-Bella went #2 in her little potty for the first time. she gets a piec eof Daddy's Cadbury Chocolate as a reward. I hope this clogs her up, as I don't want her taking too much of my chocolate!
-read some of a book called "The Deity Formerly Known As God". I am kind of liking it
-leighton is now 4 weeks old, much bigger, much louder, much more poop
-was confused by Daybreak, but might give it one more try
-bella slept in both weekend mornings till 8:45am. It was a beautiful thing
-saw another look-a-like at that same Satrbucks. This time it was a Simon Cowell lookalike, though hard to recognize without a tight black v-neck t-shirt
-only 12 more weeks till Lost comes back on

Friday, November 10

i turned 30 the other day

I officially got old the other day... who can believe I have been on this Earth for 30 years now?!
It started like any other day. Leighton woke up way too hungry, way too early, and Bella was soon to wake after that.
It ended like any other day, too tired to get up off the couch to go to bed!
Somewhere in between those two events I had a good day, including breakfast with the fam at Cinnamon Production, and a fun evening at Oak Creek Golf Course on the driving range, followed by dinner at the clubhouse.

Oh, and Bella made me a nice cake out of Play-Doh!

musings from Disneyland

The other day as the fam was at Disneyland, Leighton and I were sitting around, just watching the people go by.
I thought to myself, "There is a lot of tie-die t-shirts wandering around this park today." I saw Disney tie-die, Shamu tie-de, and entire family tribes wearing tie-die in an effort to be easier to keep together. I don't understand tie-die, nor the attraction to putting this type of clothing on your body in public.

Then the creme de la creme...

A man, with hsi family, wearing capri pants, that were once track pants, but now cut off, with paint stains... and on his head he was wearing a hard-hat. Not a cap, or hat, but a hard-hat! Sorry, my camera phone doesn't take very good pics... but should give you an idea.

Each to their own.

Thursday, November 2

a scary lookalike: benjamin linus

I was at Starbucks this morning, and sitting next to me, I swear I saw this man. He claimed that he works at the other Starbucks down the road, but didn't mention anything about a hot-air balloon. I don't trust him. It looks like he had a sore back though, poor guy.