Saturday, October 28

crazy animal eyes

Took this little snapshot at the petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano... these eyes scared the bedazzle out of me...

a bad omen?!

The other day I stopped by the hair salon (mostly to get my neck cut, but also my head...) and when I walked into the salon I noticed one of the male stylists sporting a sweet butt-cut complete with bronze highlights. I should have taken that as a sign to turn around and get out of there, but lukily enough I didn't get him in The Haircutters lottery... still I didn't really like my haircut, but my neck looks fantastic.

Wednesday, October 25

the kids want to be together!

Bella & Leighton mentioned to me that instead of having separate blogs, they would like to have a blog together... thus I am proud to announce The Sarti Party Blog!
You can get there by going to

Sunday, October 22

leighton is now blogging

It has happened again... another one of our children have jumped on the blogging bandwagon!
Though Leighton can not hold his neck up yet, he can manage to figure out the keyboard and HTML formatting. Though his life mainly consists of sleeping and pooping, Leighton's blog should keep you up to date o nthe latest adventures of his life... you can view his blog here

Saturday, October 21

allison's LOST party

Bella and I cruised over to Allison Hibbard's sweet LOST themed party last night... we just popped over for a while as Jana and the boy (Leighton) just got back from the hospital.
Bella looked super-cute in our Others Jr outfit and the dragged teddy-bear really capped off her look.
There were some notable other costumes... a great Eko priest, Rousseau, and Ron Edwards as Hurley was a timeless look. Well done Allison, sweet party!

Thursday, October 19

more pics from the hospital

I have updated our page with some more pics of Leighton, with lot's of Leighton & Bella. You can view the pics here
Jana and Leighton are coming home from the hospital tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 17

it's a boy!

Leighton Matthew Sarti
Born on october 17, 2006
7lbs 9ozs

Monday, October 16

one day to go!

Well... we are down to the wire for Baby #2... tomorrow morning 7:30am
Please be praying for Jana, that everything goes great, and for me, cos I don't really like hospital food.
I will be sure to put some pics up as soon as I can, to share this miracle with everyone in Cyberspace.

Saturday, October 14

backstreet IS back!

I thought this was perfect considering my sweet (self-proclaimed) Backstreet Boys blog-post from a few weeks back. It seems Backstreet will be back at Saddleback!
Former member Brian Litrell will be a guest at Saddleback weekend services in a few weeks... don't believe me? Look at this web page!

Monday, October 9

el boothadores

Here's a quick pic of my little set-up at Catalyst. I termed my booth "Trading Spaces", design on a small budget. There were plenty of Extreme Home makeover booths around.

Wednesday, October 4

atlanta trip update

Here are some bullet point highlights from Hotlanta:
- on the 2nd flight (DFW to ATL) the lady in front threw up and dry-reached for about 15mins of the flight
- I had my noise-cancelling headphones on and didn't have to hear the vomiting
- I am driving a Dodge Stratus (but I don't have 13 people working under me)
- I got a little lost and ended up in seedy part of town (why is it whenever you get lost you end up in the seedy part?!)
- I went all the way to the dirty south, but still got Chipotle for dinner (the taste for Chipotle was still fresh from the Witt wedding)
- I have already seen 359 Waffle House restaurants
- People still talk really slow out here

More to come!

Tuesday, October 3

the people you meet on planes

Well, I am at DFW on my way to Atlanta and one of the first people I saw in the airport had a large black cowboy hat on. To my story...
I usually don't talk to people I sit next to on planes, even when I travel with my wife! Today I thought I would stike up a conversation with the old guy next to me who was travelling with his wife who had a voice not unlike Marge's sister from The Simpson's. Here are some highlights from the conversation...
- he was 70something years old, but broke the ice by asking if I preferred a Mac or a PC
- he asked me why, and was actually tracking the conversation
- he was concerned about what gate to transfer to in Dallas
- she was concerned that the airport was non-smoking as she was dying for a cigarette
- he used to work at Costa del Sol golf club in Mission Viejo (on Marguerite)
- he buys bagels from Bagels and Brew and then freezes them
- he is a former marine and fought in the Korean War
- his son designs outdoor signage and created the Coca-Cola sign in Times Square
- he likes to read blogs, and does so for a coule of hours, each and every morning

What an amazing man... who knows who I will sit next to on the next flight from Dallas to Atlanta?!

Monday, October 2

my morning at LAX

This morning I spent around 3 quality hours at LAX, in between dropping my friends Anthony & Siobhan off and picking up my Dad. I decided to kill some time (at 6:50am) by going over to the Thomas Bradley International Terminal, which for those in the know, is typically the craziest, most hectic airport terminal known to modern man.It looked quiet from the outside... I walked ine... there was hardly even a soul in the place, just enough to have McDonalds justify opening their doors, but the rest of the place was shut-down. It reminded me of the scene from Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise is in an abandoned Times Square, which also reminded me that even the Chirstian Science Reading Room at LAX was shut. It was a surreal experience, and worthy of a blog.

In other news, while I was waiting for my Dad, I saw Ben Folds. I was going to say Hi, but accosting strangers after 14 hour flights is not my social sweet spot.

bella was beautiful yesterday

Isabella Jaye Sarti had her first official FlowerGirl assignment yesterday. She was adorable.. you can view some pics here at her blog.