Friday, July 28

tahiti update #2

well, we are now in Bora Bora and it seems the world wide web isn't too popular here. i am on the internet (64kbps) at $22 per hour. thus, this will be quick.
we caught up withKyle and Courtney Rutenbar wihtin 5 minutes of arriving at Bora Bora. Our hotel is awesome, with a bungalow over the water.
We went out feeding sting-rays yesterday, which was strange but very awesome, and very entertaining cos Courtney was so scared of them. Jana did good, but they were a little too slimy for her! We then went to feed the sharks, outside the main lagoon in the ocean, and it was unbelievably awesome, there weere about half a dozen black tip reef sharks, between 3-5 feet long. It was so good, we might go again.

OK, this blog update cost me about $7 so it will end now.


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